View Full Version : Transplanting Dicentra

07-08-2003, 07:08 AM
I have two Dicentras that are really not happy. I think it is because they get way too much direct sunlight. Can I transplant them now, or should I wait? Also, don`t they have a deep tap root, which would make transplanting difficult?</p>

07-11-2003, 04:27 AM
Dave -

Actually, Dicentra has running roots, so the good news is that they are easier to dig up than deep roots would be.

The bad news is that they are somewhat brittle and must be handled with care. Dicentra is usually dug up and divided when dormant. Use a digging fork to minimize damage to the roots, and proceed with caution. Roots will be long, and orange in color. A piece of root about 6' long is capable of growing into a new plant. So, the other bit of good news is that you will end up with more plants than you thought you had!

If you think sun and heat are the main problems with the plants` current location, maybe you could build a temporary shade structure over them until transplant time.

Good luck,

Lori Hubbart</p>