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Vegetation Program Highlights & Services

Benefits for Science and Conservation

The CNPS Vegetation Program has worked for over 15 years to provide standards and tools for identifying and representing vegetation, as an important feature of our state’s natural heritage and biodiversity. Many knowledgeable ecologists and botanists support the program as volunteers and paid staff. Through grants, contracts, and grass-roots efforts, we collect field data and compile information into reports, manuals, and maps. We also amass and distribute pertinent knowledge about our state’s vegetation resources in order to better protect and manage them. We provide these services to governmental, non-governmental and other organizations, and we collaborate on vegetation resource assessment projects around the state.

Below is a list of various products and services that the CNPS Vegetation Program provides:

  • Standardized techniques for conducting vegetation field surveys
  • Methods for fine-scale and accurate vegetation mapping
  • Training and workshops on how to use our methods
  • Technical assistance on vegetation mapping and classification projects
  • Advisement on the effective implementation of HCP/NCCP mapping requirements
  • Botanical and ecological expertise in collecting field data (including floristic, vegetation and environmental data)
  • Digital databases containing thousands of vegetation surveys from around the state
  • Data amassed on grasslands, vernal pools, and rare plant communities
  • Analysis and classification of vegetation data
  • Statewide classification system adopted by local, state and federal agencies
  • Detailed maps and reports of vegetation across different regions of California
  • A Manual of California Vegetation (2009, resource book)

For more information about our services, please contact Julie Evens, Vegetation Program Director at or call her at (916) 327-0714.

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