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Vegetation Sampling, Classification & Mapping

Vegetation Sampling Methods for Projects

CNPS has adopted a series of methods and data forms for the collection of vegetation data around the state. The link below provides an overview of the current vegetation sampling projects along with links to the standard protocols and field forms.

Sierra Nevada vegetation patterns

Vegetation Publications and Presentations

CNPS has developed a variety of reports, publications, and presentations to describe vegetation. The characteristic alliances in certain regions of the state are described in the reports. The importance of and variation in vegetation is explained in complimentary publications and presentations, especially as they associate to regional mapping projects, sampling efforts, and conservation efforts.

  • Vegetation Classification / Mapping Reports -- A link to view the reports from Western Riverside County, San Dieguito River area, Northern and Inner Central Coast, Sierra Nevada foothills, and other localities.
  • Sampler Newsletters -- Link to informative newsletters that the CNPS Vegetation committee and staff have developed over more than a decade.
  • PowerPoint Presentations -- Link to presentations created by CNPS that explain the importance of integrated and detailed vegetation projects.
  • CNPS Vegetation Program - Photo Collection -- The Vegetation Program has a need for photograph submissions to represent the plant communities in California..



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