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Yosemite National Park


Fremontia Publications

  • Vol. 34, No. 1- January 2006 (1.3 Mb) -- Two articles explain the main activities of the CNPS Vegetation Program and the Manual of California Vegetation revision.
  • Vol. 34, No. 2 - Apr-Jun 2006 (PDF 1.4Mb) -- An article explains the integrated effort to produce a detailed vegetation map for Western Riverside County.
  • Vol. 39, No. 2/3 - May/September 2011 (3.1 Mb) -- Special issue focused on California’s prairies and grasslands. An article highlights efforts of the CNPS Vegetation Program to survey and categorize grassland plant communities.
  • Vol. 40, No. 1/2 - January/May 2012 (3.1 Mb) -- An article highlights fens in CA and efforts of the CNPS Vegetation Program and the U.S. Forest Service to characterize and assess fen vegetation within the Sierra Nevada.
  • Past Issues of Fremontia


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