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Vegetation Program Initiatives

Complex vegetation patterning in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

The CNPS Vegetation Program serves as a nexus for the accumulation and dissemination of information about California vegetation. Rather than focusing on individual species, the Program takes a landscape-level approach with an emphasis on groups of species, vegetation communities, and ecosystems. However, the needs of rare and endangered species are an integral part of this more ecological approach.

Individual species have habitat requirements that are often best described at a vegetation community level.

Viewing and describing landscapes within the framework of a unified vegetation classification provides the common language necessary for managers to make informed decisions at multiple scales.

To achieve these ambitious goals, the Vegetation Program relies heavily on participation of volunteers and agency collaborators. The Program invites chapter members and the public to participate with on-going vegetation projects and sampling efforts being conducted by individual chapters including the Dorothy King Young, East Bay and San Diego Chapters.

View a map of our completed and ongoing vegetation mapping projects throughout the State:
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The work of the Vegetation Program is limited by funding. Funding for Program activities comes from CNPS private donors as well as contracts and grants. With the support of collaborative partners and generous donors, the Program currently is maintaining five Vegetation Program Initiatives.

To support these Initiatives through donations or volunteering, please contact us.


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