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Grassland Initiative

The expected outcomes of this collaborative project include: a better understanding of the abundance and distribution of native species and communities in grasslands, finer scale definitions for native annual and perennial grassland communities, identification of rare grassland types, and stronger and effective conservation actions and policies for grassland vegetation.

Table Mountain - Peoria Wildlife Area
Table Mountain - Peoria Wildlife Area

Recent Updates


Fraser Point, Santa Cruz Island
Fraser Point, Santa Cruz Island
  • A new initiative to describe and protect California grasslands (PDF, 18kb)
    Summary article written by CNPS that highlights the importance of collaborative efforts to categorize, map, and conserve California’s grassland vegetation.
  • Major Goals and Objectives (PDF, 30kb) drafted February, 2007.
  • Grassland Initiative Outline (PDF, 896kb)
    Draft outline for paper to communicate the scientific needs associated with California grassland vegetation conservation, to highlight the current status and state of knowledge, and to communicate these issues to stakeholders and the public.
  • Grassland Initiative Bibliography (PDF, 68kb)
    Compilation of existing literature focusing on variation in grassland species composition, species diversity, or plant associations in California grasslands.
  • Powerpoint Presentation (PDF, 4.2Mb)
    Presentation given at California Native Grasslands Association 2008 Annual Conference in Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Community Classification and Nomenclature (PDF, 5.6Mb)
    Chapter 3 text from California Grasslands: Ecology and Management, edited by Mark R. Stromberg, Jeffrey D. Corbin and Carla M. D'Antonio.
  • California Prairie and Grassland (PDF, 3.1Mb)
    A special issue of Fremontia focused on prairie and grasslands including an article highlighting CNPS efforts to classify grassland plant communities.

Collaborating Partners

  • California Native Grassland Association:
    The Mission of the California Native Grasslands Association is to promote, preserve, and restore the diversity of California’s native grasses and grassland ecosystems through education, advocacy, research, and stewardship.
  • California Rangeland Conservation Coalition:
    Ranchers, Environmentalists, And Agencies Working Together For The Benefit Of All.
  • Natural Resources Conservation Service:
    With the mission of “Helping People Help the Land,” the Natural Resources Conservation Service provides products and services that enable people to be good stewards of the Nation’s soil, water, and related natural resources on non-Federal lands
  • Sonoma Marin Coastal Grasslands Working Group:
    The information on this website focuses on coastal prairies from central and northern California, but will be of use to any audience curious about grasslands.

For additional information on the Grassland Initiative, please contact Jennifer Buck-Diaz, Vegetation Ecologist at


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