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Call for Volunteers

VOLUNTEERS / INTERNS NEEDED! CNPS is a volunteer-based organization, and volunteers do much of the work that makes CNPS so effective! Please get in touch with your local chapter to find a range of needs locally, or to learn more about serving in a leadership capacity. In addition, the following opportunities are available:

  • Rare Plant Program – The Rare Plant Program is seeking volunteers to search for historical rare plant populations as part of the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt (RPTH). Many of our state's rare plants have not been documented in over 20 years, and surveys are needed to provide us with up-to-date information on their status. In the last five years, RPTH-ers have mapped 2,500 populations –a third of them new discoveries! Volunteers will be provided with maps and information to help identify rare plants in the field. A GPS unit and some previous experience in plant identification are required for most projects. Contact David Magney ( ) to get started!
  • Vegetation Program – The Vegetation Program is seeking individuals to assist us with mapping vegetation of rare plant communities. Mapping would be conducted in our Program office in downtown Sacramento using available computer equipment and ArcGIS software. We are open to individuals with a range of skills, but some experience with ArcMap 9 is required. This is a great opportunity to develop your skill set while assisting with our desert mapping efforts! Contact Jamie Ratchford () if you would like to find out more.
  • Horticulture Program - The Horticulture Program is seeking help with a variety of project-related tasks. This is a great way to be involved in CNPS' ever-expanding outreach efforts. If you enjoy reaching out to the community, managing data, and/or planning events, please contact Kristen Wernick ( ).
  • Calscape is seeking volunteers to create and edit plant records in the Calscape plant database at If you'd like to share your knowledge of native plants with the CNPS community, and thousands others looking for information about native California plants, please contact ( ) to get started.
  • We are also seeking an individual to assist with a variety of other data related tasks. These include entering vegetation survey data from around the state, researching characteristics of vegetation types, etc. We are looking for a detail-oriented person for these tasks, and this is a great way for someone to gain experience and knowledge of California's diverse flora. Contact Jamie Ratchford () if you would like to find out more.


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