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Project Funding and Support Opportunities

The CNPS Rare Plant Treasure Hunt was awarded a grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) to collect rare plant and vegetation data on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in the Mojave Desert and Carrizo Plain in late 2009, allowing us to launch the project in early 2010. In addition to the NFWF grant, the Education Program was awarded a small grant from the June Bilisoly bequest to expand the project concept statewide. Over the summer of 2010, we received a grant award from BLM to assist in funding the project work on lands managed by BLM over the next five years. In late 2010, CNPS received word that NFWF would renew their support for the project in 2011.

While the project has obtained some funding to continue our work in the desert, we are looking for contributors that can financially support the expansion of the project in other areas across the state. Public lands all across California are currently being reviewed for potential utility-scale renewable energy project siting, and updated rare plant data will provide critical information to help guide projects away from sensitive habitat areas before site applications are filed. Additional funding for the desert region will also allow us to expand the program to update badly needed rare plant occurrence data on public lands in the path of large utility-scale renewable energy development.

To support the project, simply send a check earmarked Rare Plant Treasure Hunt to our main office. We believe that citizen science projects like the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt serve dual purposes: (a) data collection: we are able to collect critical data on plants that would not otherwise be surveyed, and (b) Education: by teaming up amateurs with botanists, we are able to get people outdoors and learning about rare plant ecology that might not otherwise be out there.

If you are interested in contributing to the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt project as a corporate or organizational sponsor, please contact us at


Agency Support:

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Bureau of Land Management

California Department of Fish and Game

California Coastal Commission

USDA Forest Service
Organizational Support:

Ranch Santa Ana Botanic Garden

National Forest Foundation
Private Donors:
  • June Bilisoly Fund
  • Linda B. Sher (for Kristen Schlech)
  • Bob and Mercedes Slakey
Anonymous Thanksgiving Donation



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