California Native Plant Society

Rare Plant Treasure Hunt

Data collection and reporting

Please use only the special Rare Plant Treasure Hunt version of the CNDDB form for this project so we can track the data collected (this is how you win awards).

Important caveats on plant collection:

CNPS promotes the ethical collection of plants with appropriate permits and landowner permission, for the purpose of documenting occurrences for herbaria. CNPS requests that no plants should ever be collected without landowner permission and/or required permits. Once permission is granted, we ask that trained individuals collect the plant(s) and deposit the specimen(s) in a major California herbarium. CNPS hopes to be able to offer short courses for volunteers in ethical plant collection.

Castilleja Mendocinensis
Mendocino Coast paintbrush (Castilleja mendocinensis), CNPS List 1B, is only known from coastal Humboldt and Mendocino counties. © G. Snyder and CNPS


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