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Rare Plant Treasure Hunt

Critical rare plant data needs

Plants displayed in the above map lack recent data from California and are known from 10 or fewer occurrences statewide. Acquiring updated information on these plants and ensuring their long-term survival is a top priority of the CNPS Rare Plant Program.

Please Note: The locations of plants shown on this map are based on data from the California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) but have intentionally been obscured. They represent known populations of species within a 5 km radius in order to help identify rare plants in your area that have critical data needs. Additional information about the plants can be obtained by following a link to the CNPS Inventory after clicking on a star. If interested in volunteering to help relocate any of these plants and/or if you have any recent data on them, please contact us at .

Other high-priority rare plant data needs

Poorly-documented CRPR 4 plants (Excel) are found throughout California. Many of them may actually be rarer than previously thought, but they could also just lack sufficient documentation. Field surveys are needed to help us determine which merit the most conservation concern.

Recent Additions to the CNPS Inventory are also very important priorities for the Rare Plant Program, as many of their locations may not have been visited recently. This link takes you to a list of plants added to the Inventory since the beginning of 2010.

California Rare Plant Rank 3 Plants are united by one common theme - we lack the necessary information to assign them to one of the other ranks or to reject them. Nearly all of the plants constituting CRPR 3 are taxonomically problematic. For each CRPR 3 plant we have briefly indicated in the "Notes" section of the Inventory record where assistance is needed. In-depth study is often needed to help address the issues associated with these plants.


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