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RPTH Awards: General info and rules

Rare Plant Treasure Hunt

2014 RPTH Award winners

Thank you for all your submissions to the Rare Plant Treasure Hunt Awards Contest! Your individual and chapter efforts this year were amazing, and the photo contest was especially competitive. We were hard pressed to choose from all the wonderful submissions. We are proud to announce your truly remarkable achievements with the following recognitions. Click on any of the links to view full project descriptions on the CNPS webpage.

Individual Awards

  • Most occurrences updated:
    • 1st Place Keir Morse
    • 2nd Place Jane Tirrell
    • 3rd Place Brian and Eileen Keelan
  • Most Trips Led: Brian and Eileen Keelan
  • Most Trips Atttended: Bill Waycott


Photo Contest Winners

Click on the photos to see larger, high-resolution images

Baccharis vanessae by Keir Morse1st Place:
Baccharis vanessae, Keir Morse
Jepsonia heterandra by Belinda Lo2nd Place:
Jepsonia heterandra, Belinda Lo
Erythranthe sierrae by Kathy LaShure3rd Place:
Erythranthe sierrae, Kathy LaShure


Individual Awards Rare Plant Occurrences Reported

1st Place: Keir Morse
Southern California botanist Keir Morse took first place for the data he submitted on a variety of San Diego County rare plants.  It's particularly impressive that Keir began his rare plant trips this year in August, yet still managed to take first in this category!  We're excited to add Keir to our list of "super-volunteers" who go out time and again in search of rare plants. 

2nd Place: Jane Tirrell
Jane Tirrell has been a tireless rare plant hunter for several years now.  She regularly ventures out in to the mountains of Southern California on the search for rare plants, and manages to find new populations on many of these trips.  She has taken a keen interest in all things Apiaceae, and managed to track down the only two known populations of Lomatium shevockii (Owens Peak lomatium).  She also documented an impressive 8 populations of Oreonana purpurascens (purple mountain-parsley) this year alone! 

3rd Place: Brian and Eileen Keelan
The Keelans have been tracking not just rare plants, but also common plants, birds and bats, and other creatures in their quest to experience firsthand the vast biodiversity of California.  Their most memorable rare plant find of the year was Heteranthera dubia (water star-grass), which was added to the Rare Plant Inventory based on Brian's initial suggestion last year.  Having finally seen this plant, the Keelans have now documented a wild specimen from every native plant family in California!


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