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Rare Plant Treasure Hunt

2011 Award winners

Individual and Team winners

Calochortus plummerae, 1st place in the photo contest. Photo by Lara Hartley.

"You won’t find plants by looking up!" 2nd place in the photo contest. Photo by Rich LaShure.

Mimulus johnstonii, 3rd place in the photo contest. Photo by Don Davis.

The 2011 Grand Rare Plant Treasure Hunt Award for most occurrences updated: Don Davis, Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire! He found 42 new and historic rare plant occurrences in the desert and mountains of Southern California.

2nd place award: The Red Jeepsters, Kathy and Rich LaShure, They decided this summer and fall to combine their weekly hikes with treasure hunting and found 32 rare plant populations!

3rd place award:  I See Pink Team, Natalia and Bill Blackburn, Carrie and Kurt Sowa, and Lisa Couper. They documented 20 rare plant populations on their own in Northern California.

Special award for most volunteer hours completed goes to both Jane Tirrell for 491 hours and Walt Fidler for 394 hours. Both are San Gabriel Chapter members.

Chapter winners

Grand Prize for CNPS chapter with the most occurrences updated and hours logged: San Gabriel Mountains Chapter. As a part of their continuing Lily Springs project they updated many occurrences and hundreds of hours. For more about their project, see Jane Strong’s essay or the San Gabriel Mountains Chapter website.

2nd place chapter prize: San Diego Chapter recorded many rare plant occurrences on the coastal dune of San Diego County, comprising over 700,000 plants.

3rd place: Mount Lassen Chapter organized 2 chapter Treasure Hunt field trips.  Members also led several trips in small groups, collecting data on 9 different rare plants.


Honorable Mentions:

The East Bay Chapter put a twist on the Treasure Hunt with their Adopt-a-Rare-Plant Program.  Over 30 volunteers committed to surveying for certain rare plants throughout the East Bay Chapter’s area. 



George Butterworth, woring for the DFG, George submitted over 20 survey forms for rare plants in the Carrizo Plain.

Desert Survivors Club, members co-lead several treasure hunts in the Mojave Desert, many of them traveling from the Sacramento and the East Bay areas.


Photo contest winners

1st Place: Lara Hartley, Kern County Chapter-Close up of Calochortus plummerae

2nd Place: Rich LaShure, Creosote Ring Sub-chapter-Group shot, “You won’t find plants by looking up!”

3rd Place: Don Davis, San Gabriel Mountains Chapter- Mimulus Johnstonii pollination


Essay contest winner

Carol Ralph of the North Coast Chapter. Check out her essay on a Rare Plant Treausre Hunt to find Lewisia kelloggii.


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