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Lichens of Conservation Concern in the CNPS Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants

Through working closely with the California Lichen Society’s (CALS) Conservation Committee, the CNPS Rare Plant Program began including Lichens of Conservation Concern in the CNPS Inventory in 2014. For at least 25 years prior to their addition to the Inventory, rare lichens have been included in the California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB), a resource maintained by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife that is fundamental to the conservation of many organisms. The time came for rare lichens to be afforded similar protections as rare plants in the Inventory.

As with vascular and non-vascular plants in the Inventory, the CNPS Rare Plant Program updates and maintains information on rare lichens through contributions from botanists along with the review of data submitted to the CNDDB. Unlike vascular and non-vascular plants, however, major changes (i.e., additions and status changes) to lichens in the Inventory are based on the completion and outcome of the CALS Conservation Committee’s sponsorship process instead of the Rare Plant Status Review Process.

For additional information about Lichens of Conservation Concern please view their sponsorships available on the CALS website, as well as the data provided on them in the Online Inventory.


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Thamnolia vermicularis
Thamnolia vermicularis (photo by Stephen Sharnoff)
Peltigera gowardii
Peltigera gowardii (photo by Stephen Sharnoff)
Cladonia firma
Cladonia firma (photo by Stephen Sharnoff)
Usnea longissima
Usnea longissima (photo by Stephen Sharnoff)
Solorina spongiosa
Solorina spongiosa, measurement bar is 5 mm with 1 mm divisions (photo by Martin Hutten)
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