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Rare Campaign

The CNPS Rare Campaign

Celebrating over 45 Years of Evaluating and Protecting California’s Rare Plants

For over 45 years the CNPS Rare Plant Program has worked diligently to fulfill its mission, with the primary example being its ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the CNPS Inventory of Rare and Endangered Plants of California (the CNPS Inventory). In collaboration with the California Natural Diversity Database (CNDDB) and hundreds of botanical experts and volunteers, the Program has managed to preserve this vital resource at the highest of standards, making the CNPS Inventory the single most reliable and authoritative tool for rare plant conservation in California.

Study of the California flora is ongoing, and the review of California’s rare plants must keep pace. Your support of the Rare Campaign will help to ensure that the CNPS Inventory accurately reflects the best available information on California’s rare plants, and will help promote the preservation and appreciation of California’s rare flora for years to come.

Campaign Goals
Promoting science, education, conservation & appreciation.
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Research Importance
Assessing plant rarity status for effective conservation.
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Fund Allocation
The 8 major projects that this campaign will fund.
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