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Fremontia is a journal that features articles covering botany, horticulture, vegetation in land management, CNPS projects, and related native plant topics. Fremontia is well known for eye-catching plant and landscape color photos. CNPS members enjoy a subscription to Fremontia as part of their benefits.

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Fremontia Publication Schedule

Fremontia Submissions:
CNPS members and professionals in native plant endeavors are welcome to submit articles, book reviews, botanical artwork, poetry, cartoons, and photographs for publication. All materials submitted should relate to the study of California's native vegetation. Acceptance is based on suitability. For more information please read:


CNPS BulletinCNPS Bulletin

The CNPS Bulletin is a quarterly newsletter sent to CNPS members. Each issue reports on statewide and chapter activities, recognizes notable contribtutions of members, offers gardening advice, and briefly covers timely issues related to native plant conservation and education. Chapters and members are encouraged to submit ideas for articles to .

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CNPS e-Newsletter

The CNPS e-Newsletter is published monthly and is available to anyone who requests it. Published monthly by CNPS, each issue contains updates on ongoing work in our core programs of Conservation, Education, Rare Plant and Vegetation Science, and Horticulture. The CNPS Horticulture Committee gathers and edits material for issues centered around incorporating California native plants in home gardens, the subject focus of every third issue. Sign up now!


CNPS Press

CNPS publishes a variety books on native plants. Visit our Online Store to browse and buy our works!

CNPS Press Submissions:
CNPS Press publishes local floras, checklists, wildflower guides and many other types of books about California plants, vegetation, and habitats.

To submit a book project for publication consideration, please fill out the CNPS Book Proposal Form (PDF) and email to . Book projects are reviewed by the CNPS publications committee and are subject to a waiting period depending on funding. Books are funded mostly by individual donations and grants.

For questions regarding book publishing, please email .


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