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Invasive Weeds & Pest Management

Invasive weeds, pests and insects can create havoc in your garden. Invasive weeds crowd out native plants, escape from cultivated areas, and take over native plant habitat in natural areas. Insects create problems in your garden when the natural balance that exists between native plants and insects is interrupted with the introduction of some ornamental plants. Without the natural controls that have evolved in co-existence with native flora over time, even beneficial insects and organisms can become difficult to manage.

Limiting the escape of invasive weeds and managing pests can be as simple as selecting the right native plants for your site. In the sub-sections that follow, you will find resources to help guide your choices and provide you with the information needed to avoid problematic invasive plants, and how to implement responsible approaches to pest management.

Invasive licorice plant (Helichrysum petiolare). Photo by Daniel Gluesenkamp


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