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Bidens laevis - Bur Marigold with Vanessa virginiensis - American Lady.jpg Bidens laevis - Bur Marigold with Vanessa virginiensis - American Lady

New!We have a new, fun garden sign for you!  You can now buy a long-lasting, attractive sign that proclaims that “Native Plants Live Here!”  

Show off your commitment to native plants and to goood gardening practices by posting this sign and letting passers-by see how beauty can be healthy. The sign has the website on it so that neighbors can connect with CNPS and learn more.

These signs are more of a calling card - meant to introduce the concept. Other projects and offerings will broaden and deepen the general knowledge level. This is a project that engages the public in native plant gardening.

This will help create a community of homeowners that feel connected.


CNPS 9x12 garden sign sponsor_blank.jpgBenefits to the General Public

Members of the general public benefit by seeing native plants in garden settings and connecting to us electronically to learn more about CNPS through our website.


The sign is 9 inch by 12 inch, aluminum, and has two holes for attaching to walls or fences. We will ship the sign to you, along with a tip sheet, membership brochure and a Gardening With California Native Plants brochure. Purchasers will also get a free subscription to our e-Newsletter.


3 Ps

Along with the sign, we have a FREE Gardening Advice download of “The 3 Ps” - Plant Local, Plant Light and Plant Well. Click on these links for more details of how to garden with the 3 Ps, as well as an online guide on how to DITCH YOUR LAWN.

Cost of signs


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The CNPS Horticulture Program envisions a California where native plants are widely available and routinely incorporated into public and private landscapes to conserve resources, extend habitat, and create a sense of place.

All plant photos courtesy Pete Veilleux.


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