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photo credit: Saxon Holt Photography
photo credit: Saxon Holt Photography
photo credit: Saxon Holt Photography
photo credit: Saxon Holt Photography

The mission of the Gardening Program is to promote, support and encourage the appropriate use of California Native plants in public and private gardens and landscapes. One of the goals of the Gardening program is to provide technical information and resources to homeowners, landscape designers, and nursery owners on the care and maintenance of native plants so that natives are routinely incorporated into public and private landscape designs.

Within this program section of our website, we strive to be an active resource for individuals, companies and organizations about how to plan, start, and maintain native plant gardens and landscapes that are ecologically beneficial and personally enjoyable . We hope you take the time to cruise though the various menus, articles and information found on our site, and contact your local chapter if you have questions about topics not covered in the materials you find here.

Also, if you have expertise in any aspect of native plant gardening or maintenance and have information you would like to post on our site, you can access the program article submissions standards and instructions by clicking here. We strongly encourage you to share your expertise and are actively updating our website with new information on a regular basis.

Why Should I Incorporate Native Plants In My Own Garden?

In addition to their natural beauty, incorporating native plants into your own garden offers many benefits for both you and our environment – they provide water-conserving, drought-tolerant and sustainable garden design choices. For more information about the benefits of incorporating native plants in your own garden, click here.

What are Native Plants and Why are they Important?

To learn more about the importance of native plant conservation, please click here.


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