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California Consulting Botanist Certification

Professional certification for field and consulting botanists is good for the profession and good for the environment. Certification helps ensure that the most qualified people conduct California's environmental reviews and that our decision-makers have the information they need to make sound land-use decisions. That's why CNPS and other leading botanical organizations have partnered to create a new consulting botanist certification to formally recognize botanists that:

  • Incorporate scientifically sound botanical principles in decision-making
  • Meet a minimum set of standards in knowledge and experience
  • Adhere to high ethical standards

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Sign up for an upcoming exam. Exams are offered twice a year in Southern California and Northern California.

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Are you Eligible?

The CNPS certification program recognizes two levels of expertise: Field Botanist and Consulting Botanist. See which is right for you.

How to Prepare for the Exam

Download the study guide, plant ID list, and slide deck on preparing for certification.

Why Should I Get Certified?

Certification is a step forward for the field of consulting and field biology as well as the environment. See why.

The Application Process

Fees, certification maintenance, and other brass tacks.

Frequently Asked Questions

See common questions about the certification process and exam.

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Find a Certified Botanist

List/contact information of California Certified Botanists (Register of Certified Botanists).


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