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Conservation Policies, Positions & Guidelines

Below is an archive of CNPS Board approved Policies and Guidelines. The Conservation Program develops new policies and amends existing policies as needed according to the Policy Adoption Process included in this archive

Policies, Positions & Guidelines

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Program Policy Development Process 2011 Sep   109k
Policy Regarding Mitigation of Impacts to Rare and Endangered Plants 1987 Jun 8k  
Policy on Introduction of Ryegrass 1987 Sep 8k 31k
Policy on Feral Pigs 1989 Mar 8k 31k
Policy on Sowing of Wildflowers 1989 Jun 8k 23k
Policy Oak Hardwoods 1989 Sep 12k 32k
Policy Transplanting 1989 Dec 9k 31k
Statement of Policy - Nonvascular Plants 1992 Aug 12k 26k
Policy on Appropriate Application of Ex Situ Conservation Techniques 1992 Sep 15k 39k
Policy with Regard to Plant Collecting for Educational Purposes 1993 Jun 11k 36k
Policy and Guidelines on Environmental Impact Documents 1993 Sep 15k 40k
Guidelines for Chapters to Reduce Impacts to Native Plants 1993 Sep 16k 39k
Policy on Shrubland Management 1993 Sep 10k 32k
Policy Statement on Tree Planting 1993 Sep 16k 40k
Policy and Guidelines on Vernal Pool Mitigation (under revision)  
Monterey Pine Forest Policy 1995 Mar 15k 38k
Collecting Guidelines and Documentation Techniques 1995 Mar 16k 40k
Statement of Policy - Seeding After Wildfire 1994 Dec 22k 44k
Statement of Policy - Wetlands 1996 Sep 36k
Policy on Invasive Exotic Plants 1996 Sep 24k 48k
Mitigation Guidelines (and Policy) Regarding Impacts to Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants 1998 Apr 49k 74k
Statement Opposing Transplanting as Mitigation 1998 Jul 16k 40k
Intentional Introduction of Non-Native Species 1999 Apr 14k 70k
Guidelines For Landscaping To Protect Native Vegetation From Genetic Degradation  2001 Dec 24k 126K
CNPS Botanical Survey Guidelines 2001 Jun 24k 20k
Policy for Hot Desert Grazing 2002 Mar 9k 49k
Fire Management Policy 2003 Sep 11k  
Off-Road Vehicle Sign Policy 2005 Sep   66k
Herbicide Policy 2008 Mar   27k
Integrated Weed Management Policy 2008 Mar   27k
Native Plants & Fire Safety Policy 2010 Mar   140k
CNPS Policy on Plant Advocacy 2011 Sep   63k
CNPS Policy on Phytophthora - Preventing infection and spread of harmful pathogens via native plant nursery and plant sale stock 2015 Dec   351k


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