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Native Plant Basics

Below are links to advocacy materials for plant conservation.

What is a Native Plant?

Go Plants - Color brochure about native plant protection issues (pdf)

Plant Conservation Fact Sheet (PDF, 109k)

Equal Protection for Plants -- Did you know that plants are afforded almost no protection under the Federal Endangered Species Act?
Equal Protection for Plants Campaign (PDF, 67k)

California Listed Threatened and Endangered Plants are Protected Under the California Endangered Species Act -- Reprinted from the California Land Use Law & Policy Reporter, September 1999 (PDF, 219k)

Endangered Species Acts Must Protect Plants - Plant conservation fact sheet (pdf)

State Listing Petition - Format and Instructions (Word 97 Format, 46k)

DFG Guidelines for Assessing the Effects of Proposed Projects on Rare, Threatened, and Endangered Plants and Plant Communities


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