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Follow Legislation related to Plant Conservation

Tracking Legislation

To view a list of plant conservation-related legislative bills that CNPS is following at the present time:

  1. Log in to

      Password: CNPSTracker
  2. Select “My Favorites” and then a date range to bring up a list of bills. Clicking on a bill number will take you to a page where all of the different versions of the bill, committee analyses, votes, the status and the history of the bill can be found. This information changes automatically as the bill moves through the legislative process.


Official CNPS legislative positions

Report including the position taken by CNPS on current bills (PDF - Updated September 2016)


About the CNPS Legislation Program

The Legislative Program is a sub-program of the Conservation Program. The Legislative Program's mission is to ensure that persons formulating laws and regulations at all levels -- local, state, and federal -- understand the importance of California's native flora and the serious threats facing the long-term survival of many species. A part-time staff legislative advocate helps coordinate state issues, while local chapter volunteers work closely with the Conservation Program.

Because state and federal Endangered Species Acts provide the most fundamental protection for plants in most instances, much of the work of CNPS relies on and invokes these laws.

Learn more about the Legislation Program


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