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Walker Ridge Letters of Support


We are asking CNPS members to use the template letter of support (attached and pasted below) to let BLM know you support the Walker Ridge petition. 
Walker Ridge is an area rich in serpentine endemic species, including several rare plants and plant communities, located along the border of Lake and Colusa counties, and has long been a favorite spot for botanical enthusiasts to visit, study, and enjoy. In February, The California Native Plant Society petitioned the Bureau of Land Management to designate the entire Walker Ridge public lands as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern. Currently, only a few small parcels of the ridge are protected and BLM is reviewing an application to build an industrial wind energy facility for the rest of the ridge. If adopted, the CNPS's proposed ACEC designation will provide more protection to Walker Ridge public lands than is currently in place, and require BLM to develop a more comprehensive management plan to conserve all of Walker Ridge’s botanically rich resources. 


Here's what we'd like you to do:

  1. Cut and paste the support letter text (attached, and pasted below) into an email or a hardcopy letter,
  2. Edit the text as you wish, or use as is, and 
  3. Send your email / letter to BLM's CA State Director, Jim Abbott. Director Abbott's mailing address and email appear below. 
  4. Copy our CNPS Communications Coordinator Alan Tolleth ( on your email, or if you choose to send a letter, email Alan and let him know you've done so. In this way, we can document the support for our petition. 

Jim Abbott, Acting State Director 
U.S. Bureau of Land Management 
California State Office 
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623 
Sacramento, CA 95825

Letter Template:

You can cut and paste the following template text or download the word version: Support Letter Template (DOC 22kb)


Jim Abbott, Acting State Director
Bureau of Land Management
California State Office
2800 Cottage Way, Suite W-1623
Sacramento, CA 95825

Subject: Support for the CNPS ACEC petition for Walker Ridge public lands

Dear Mr. Abbott:
I am writing to express my support for the California Native Plant Society's petition to expand the Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) designation for Walker Ridge public lands. Walker Ridge is located along the border of Lake and Colusa Counties, California.

In February 2011, CNPS submitted a Walker Ridge ACEC petition to your office that describes the significant environmental resources and values of these lands, and the need for special management attention. Currently, the three ACEC parcels located on Walker Ridge are disjunct and of insufficient size to adequately protect the botanical resources, along with the many other outstanding values found on Walker Ridge public lands. These conditions can lead to the eventual fragmentation of rare and unique habitats and resources on Walker Ridge. These resources include a high diversity of plant species, serpentine-associated plant species, special-status plants, potentially undescribed plant taxa, unusual plant associations, serpentine wetlands, and the area's ecosystem significance at the headwaters of the Bear Creek (Upper Cache Creek) watershed.

The designation of an expanded ACEC across Walker Ridge public lands is merited, and I support the efforts of CNPS to ensure that this important botanical area is protected by the appropriate management and public use of these lands.

Your Name

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