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Walker Ridge Conservation Action

CNPS has submitted a new Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) Petition (PDF 152kb) ;to the U.S. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on February 3rd, 2011.


This recent petition addresses the inadequacies of BLM's 2006 decision designating three small, disjunct ACEC parcels on The Ridge. CNPS is advocating for a continuous ACEC to cover the entire ridge and for BLM to provide special management to its diverse yet rich botanical resources. CNPS has been active in protecting Walker Ridge since the initial 2005 ACEC petition (PDF 449kb) and will continue to pursue further protective measures for the entirety of this important and fragile serpentine ecosystem.
You Can Access the Full Text of the Petition Here: 2011 CNPS ACEC Petition (PDF 152kb)

Or, read part of the petition's summary:

This proposal nominates the public lands along Walker Ridge for status as an Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC) by recognizing the significant environmental resources and values of these lands, and the need for special management attention.These resources include a high diversity of plant species, serpentine-associated plant species, special-status plants, potentially undescribed plant taxa, unusual plant associations, wetlands and its ecosystem significance as the watershed of Bear Valley. The public lands along Walker Ridge also have significant educational, recreational and scenic values: the complex geologic substrates and soils, elevation gradients, expansive viewsheds, rich flora and vegetation, water resources, and proximity to Bear Valley all contribute to these public values. Many current and potential future uses of these lands might be incompatible with conservation of these resources and values under the current ACEC design. Current ACEC parcels are disjunct and of insufficient size to adequately protect the botanical resources, along with the many other outstanding values found on Walker Ridge public lands. Thus, designation of an expanded ACEC is merited.
You Can Also Access the 2011 ACEC Petition's Appendices:

Current Status:

CNPS and conservation group, Tuleyome have been working to circulate letters of support for the ACEC designation petition. CNPS members, Tuleyome members, and other interested parties have been emailing or writing Jim Abbot, Acting State Director, Bureau of Land Management. Members from the conservation science community are also supporting the petition through a scientific support sign-on letter.

In addition to the letter-writing campaign, field trips are currently being scheduled for late spring, early summer. This information is TBA at the moment but will be made available online soon.

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