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Chapter Council

Chapter Council Meetings (Schedule and Minutes)

Quarterly Chapter Council Reports

CNPS Chapter Council Weekend: Host Chapter Planning Manual (PDF, 2.5M)

Chapter Event Insurance

Event Insurance Information (PDF, 219k)
Please read before requesting insurance

Garden Tour Insurance Requirements (PDF, 561k)

Special Event Insurance Questionnaire (PDF, 452k)

Additional Insured/Certificate of Insurance Request Form (PDF, 102k)
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Administrative Documents

Directory of officers, staff, and key volunteers

CNPS Chapter Delegate and BOD Reimbursement Form (PDF, 104k)

CNPS Grants and Application Instructions (PDF, 38k)

Subvention Memo (PDF, 182k)

2018 Q1 - Chapter Sales Tax Reporting Form (XLSX)

Annual CNPS Chapter Calendar of Important Dates (PDF, 208k)

Communications Plan (version 1.0) (PDF, 358k)

Chapter Sales Order Form (PDF, 76k)

Chapter Annual Reports

Ending Inventory at Cost (XLSX, 61k)

Tips and Hints for Completing Financial Statements (PDF, 55k)

Chapter Contributors and Donations (XLSX, 64k)

CNPS Chapter Statement of Revenue and Expenditures (XLSX, 11k)

Chapter Annual Activities Report (DOCX, 21k)

Restricted Fund Balance (XLSX, 57k)

Nursery Cost of Goods Produced Worksheet (XLSX, 10k)

Cost of Goods Produced Worksheet (XLSX, 12k)

Administrative Policies

Document Retention and Destruction Policy   88k
Statewide Volunteer Awards and Process   144k
Policy on communication of confidential matters   78k
Policy on conflict of interest   83k
Guidelines on Lobbying, Legislation, Elections, Etc. 9k 32k
Policy on Business Endorsements 7k 31k
Fiscal Policy 7k 30k
Litigation Policy & Procedures   232k
Statement of Policy - Distribution of Information 9k 31k
Final Contract Policy 76k
Policy for the CNPS Web Page 31k
Accepting Donations   22k
Investment Policy 4k  

Governance & Structure

Bylaws - amended Mar 2018 (PDF, 182k)

Bylaws Modification Process (PDF, 16k, 3/6/04)

CNPS Governance Policies (coming soon)

Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (PDF, 1.8M)

Articles (PDF, 397k)

IRS FTB (PDF, 250k)

IRS Determination Letter (PDF, 250k)

IRS W9 form (PDF, 639k)

Self Nominations and Elections:
2016 Election Self-Nomination Form: Word file (DOCX, 22k) | PDF file (PDF, 22k)
Duties & Job Descriptions (PDF, 52k)

Statewide Committees (2016) (PDF, 72k)

Chapter Information

New Chapter Start Up (A) (PDF, 10k)

Chapter Finances (PDF, 23k)

Applying for Grants: Procedures and Considerations for CNPS Chapters (PDF, 241k)

Speakers Bureau Handbook (PDF, 2.3MB)

Nametag Order Form (XLSX, 33k)

Chapter Resources email messages archive

Guidelines for Signing Contracts (PDF, 309k)

Chapter Information Sharing Sessions
  8/28/14 (PDF, 717k)

Phishing FAQs (PDF, 367k)

Chapter Membership Support

Membership Tips for Chapters

Membership Poster - Why join CNPS? (PDF, 2.9M)

Chapter Membership Functions (PDF, 115k)

Membership Ideas Handbook (PDF, 605k)

Creating Attractive, Informative, Timely Newsletters (PDF, 767k)

How to do a Mail Merge (PDF, 767k)

Monthly Chapter Membership Report:
Column Layout (PDF, 104k) | FAQ and Excel Tips (PDF, 2.2M)

Chapter Renewal Reminder Template (DOC, 37k)

Chapter Events Support

How to Host a Ditch Your Lawn Workshop (PDF, 858kb)

CNPS Event Registration and Payment System (PDF, 232kb)
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Intuit Credit Card Readers (PDF, 564kb)

Intuit Card Reader Cheat Sheet (PDF, 111k)

Seller's Permit Information (PDF, 1.75M)

Chapter Event Summary Tracking Form (PDF, 80k)

Chapter Tool Kit

Garden Signs

California Native Plant Week

Chapter Plant Sales

How to lobby your local nursery to stop selling invasives


Contract Process Documents

Contract Review and Approval Process (Word, 35k)

Contract Responsibility Table (Word, 50k)

Independent Contractor Questionnaire (PDF, 130k)

Sample Fiscal Responsibility Agreement (PDF, 29k)

Sample Consulting Agreement (Word, 29k)

Sample Memo of Understanding (Word, 32k)

Memorandums of Understanding

MOU For Cooperative Vegetation and Habitat Mapping and Classification 5/24/00 -- Provides for a standardized approach to vegetation mapping for all agencies and organizations (PDF, 73k)

Briefing Notes on Vegetation MOU 7/13/00 -- Explains the purpose and implementation of the 5/24/00 MOU (PDF, 51k)

Horticulture Events Calendar

Instructions for adding an event to the calendar | View calendar

Marketing Materials

Conservation Campaign - Fall 2012 Chapter Challenge materials

Small posters to promote CNPS

Ready to Use Native Plant and Nature Factoids

Sample chapter mini poster (PDF, 220k)

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