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Phone: (916) 447-2677
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CNPS Staff
Executive Director Daniel Gluesenkamp ext 201
Membership & Sales Coordinator Chris Brown ext 200
Vegetation Ecologist Jennifer Buck-Diaz (916) 322-2410
Assistant Rare Plant Botanist Alison Colwell ext 219
Administrative Assistant Kate Cooper ext 209
Vegetation Program Director Julie Evens  
Senior Development Coordinator Stacey Flowerdew ext 204
Assitant Rare Plant Botanist Kaitlyn Green (916) 322-1869
Southern California Conservation Analyst Nick Jensen (909) 625-8767 ext 278
Accounting and HR Coordinator Laureen Jenson ext 211
Assistant Rare Plant Botanist Seth Kauppinen  
Conference Assistant Elizabeth Kubey ext 220
Assistant Vegetation Ecologist Sydney Magner (916) 322-2410
Rare Plant Program Manager David Magney ext 205
Marketing and Communications Director Liv O'Keeffe ext 202
Engagement Strategist Becky Reilly ext 207
Assistant Rare Plant Botanist Steven Serkanic ext 218
Vegetation Ecologist Kendra Sikes  
Rare Plant Botanist Aaron Sims (916) 324-3816
Conservation Program Director Greg Suba ext 206
Outreach Coordinator Kristen Wernick ext 209
Conservation Analyst Karen Whitestone (510) 734-0335
Finance and Operations Director Brock Wimberley ext 203

CNPS Volunteers or Contract Staff
Rare Plant Program Senior Advisor Jim Andre
Vegetation Program Senior Advisor Todd Keeler-Wolf
Horticulture Program Committee Chair Laura Camp
CNPS Press Committee Chair: Nancy Morin
Fremontia Editor Michael Kauffmann
CNPS Bulletin Editor Michael Kauffmann
Poster Program Bertha McKinley
Web Team Leader Mark Naftzger


Chapter Council Officers
Chair Marty Foltyn
Vice Chair Larry Levine
Secretary Judy Fenerty

Board of Directors
President Steve Hartman
Vice President Bill Waycott
Secretary Carolyn Longstreth
Treasurer Gabi McLean
Director Cris Sarabia
Director Vincent Scheidt
Director Julie Clark De Blasio
Director Brett Hall
Director Cari Porter
CC Representative Johanna Kwan
CC Representative Dave Pryor


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